Why Us?

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We have significant knowledge and experience of Insurance and Reinsurance.

We understand your markets, traditional competitors and new entrants, along with their business models, distribution channels, products and services.

This is combined with a deep understanding of areas such as risk management, underwriting, claims, loss modelling, actuarial, finance and accounting.

Our work has encompassed property and casualty, for both personal and commercial line, insurance and reinsurance for individual, syndicated and mutual entities.

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Our team has extensive knowledge of insurance and reinsurance from the perspective of (re)insurer, intermediary and broker as well as third party experts and service providers for the Lloyd’s of London, Bermudan, US, European and Asian markets.

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Our work with you will be specific and exclusive to your business. It will not be a generic one-size-fits-all Artificial Intelligence ‘solution’ or ‘engine’ the like of which is offered by many of our competitors.

We will work with you to realise change that will deliver tangible competitive advantage, along with other key benefits including operational efficiencies and improved decision making.

Importantly, we will never leverage your data to further develop and promote a generic market wide AI ‘solution’ or become a competitor.

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Our team were instrumental in envisaging and developing a global enterprise-wide solution that encompasses the full Insurance and Reinsurance value chain including areas such as risk management, underwriting, claims, recoveries, and accounting & settlement. Today, the solution continues to handle well over 10% of Lloyd’s of London, London Company, and Bermudan (re)insurance market transactions.

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We have extensive first-hand experience of executing innovative and imaginative change and will work with you on small exploratory, or larger strategic, initiatives through all phases from conception to deployment of Deep Learning.

We can also work with you with the integration of AI powered services with your existing or new digital and information technology architectures and systems including the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Bots.

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Our team was the creative & development partner in another joint venture between a leading Lloyd’s of London renewable energy underwriter and a very large domestic US insurer for the establishment and operation of an MGA distributing ‘small’ solar pv P&C insurance to US commercial and personal customers.

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To help get you started we will work with you to execute low cost low impact Deep Learning proof of concept (PoC) exercises targeted at specific use cases or scenarios.

For these PoCs we deploy the most appropriate Deep Learning architectures and GPU powered neural network algorithms and topologies on a range of platforms from companies such as of NVIDIA and IBM.

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Our team can help engage or mentor experts such as data scientists. We can also help you acquire access to robust, manageable, performant & scalable AI platforms for development and production.

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