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Deep Learning : AI for InsurTech Insurance Innovation

Deep Learning : AI for InsurTech Insurance Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having an increasingly profound and dramatic impact on our lives and how we conduct business. 

Our mission is to help businesses learn about, explore, and deploy Deep Learning : AI for InsurTech insurance innovation to achieve superior performance and competitive edge.

Do the Exceptional

Do What You Never Imagined

Do what you never imagined

Deep Learning can help you consider and automate activities that no one has ever thought about. Perhaps using data that has never seemed relevant.

Do What You Thought Impossible

Do what you thought impossible

Deep Learning can make activities previously considered too complicated, costly or time consuming feasible.

Do What You Do But Better

Do what you do but better

Deep Learning can augment routine cognitive activities enabling better decision making and reducing manual effort.

Electrify Your Business

Powerful And Versatile

Powerful and versatile

Deep Learning is the most powerful and versatile of AI technologies. It can be used for many purposes including extracting knowledge from data to reveal hidden insights, patterns, correlations, and causal inferences.

Available To All

Available to all

Deep Learning consumes very large and complex multi dimensional datasets very quickly and accurately. It can be used by all businesses, big or small, global or domestic, to deliver spectacular results.

Multi Layer Networks

Multi layer networks

Deep Learning uses the most advanced high performance parallel graphical processing unit (GPU) technology deploying deep multi layer networks such as neural networks.

Exploit Our Capability

Speak And Think (re)insurance

Speak and think (re)insurance

We have significant knowledge of Insurance and Reinsurance within London, European, Bermudan, North American and Asian markets.

Practical And Innovative

Practical and innovative

Our extensive first-hand experience of executing innovative change can help you with small exploratory, or larger strategic, initiatives from conception to deployment.

Specific And Exclusive

Specific and exclusive

Our work will be specific and exclusive to you. To help get you started we will work with you to execute low cost Deep Learning proof of concept (PoC) exercises.

Seize Your Advantage

You Are Data Rich

You are data rich

Data is the fuel powering AI. Exploit your ‘corporate intelligence’ and unlock the wealth of your historic and current unstructured and structured data.

FinTech Entrants Are Data Poor

FinTech entrants are data poor

FinTech competitors are using AI. They have no ‘corporate intelligence’  – they are data poor.

BigTech Wants Your Data

BigTech wants your data

BigTech wants your data in exchange for their (often “free”) AI services and could end up dominating your market if everyone cedes their data advantage to them.

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